Monday, November 24, 2008

the childrens Day of revolution parade

I think the nino with the black mustache and black suit is
Francisco Ignacio Madero was a politician and revolutionary who served as President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913. He was deposed and executed by the Porfirista military. His assassination was followed by the most violent period of the revolution (1913-1917) until the Constitution of 1917 and revolutionary president Venustiano Carranza achieved some degree of stability.
And I think the slightly chubby guy in the sombrero and crossed ammo belts is Pancho Villa. Francisco or "Pancho" Villa, who at the age of 16 he shot an older man, the son of a big landowner. He lived as an as an outlaw but eventually joined the army eventually becoming commander of the DivisiĆ³n del Norte (Division of the North). He he was not accepted into the "pantheon" of national heroes until some twenty years after his death, today his memory is honored.

In 1916 he raided Columbus, New Mexico. This act provoked the unsuccessful Expedition commanded by General John J. Pershing which failed to capture Villa after a year in pursuit. Villa's command was noted for the speed of its movement of troops by railroad and the use of an elite cavalry unit called Los dorados "the golden ones" . He was considered quite brillant in his command. I have seen this poster numerous times, but I do not know if it is authentic or was created later.
And the girls, of course, just follow the men and have babies......

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